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None of this is true.

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Indeed, many of those he told responded with compassion, and he rose quickly up the ranks in the publishing world. Others became suspicious as the lies appeared to snowball. He also claimed to have a doctorate from Oxford University he does not ; that he had modelled for a major American fashion brand; that he appeared on the cover of Russian Vogue ; and that he was friends with Ricky Martin. According to the influential moral philosopher Immanuel Kant , lying can never be justified. He argued that an act is good only if it could become a universal law. It would clearly be bad if nobody ever told the truth, therefore lying fails this test.

More recently, the philosopher Sissela Bok has proposed a more flexible system.

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This is a thought experiment in which everyone impacted by a particular lie is brought together on a panel. Harshly, some argue. How can the public trust him now? Of course, he is not a politician or a historian — but should all public figures account for their wrongdoing?

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Are those attacking Mallory merely hypocrites? The answer to these questions depends on the ethical perspective you have on lying. Is it always bad? And are some lies worse than others?

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This ground-breaking series for Investigation Discovery is packed with cautionary tales. We hear first-hand the terrifying testimonies of victims whose lives have been turned up-side-down by internet relationships. Through the extraordinary stories of the men and women we encounter, we reveal how everyone everywhere can protect themselves and their loved ones against the predators prowling the World Wide Web. Series 5 Series 4 Series 3 Series 2 Series 1.

Show Details. Web of Lies shows how easy it is for a criminal to compromise the safety of their victims. The stories told reveal how innocent people can be tricked into believing the convincing lies that the perpetrators tell in order to gain their trust. It delivers a heavy dose of realism that makes viewers more aware of how quickly anyone could fall victim to a proficient liar.

A web of lies: Carl Beech and the VIP paedophile ring

Adults and kids can benefit from watching Web of Lies because it gives fair warning about what they may encounter when chatting with strangers. It is possible for people of any age to be taken advantage of or harmed.

Fear can be a healthy thing when it is based on reality and that is what the show offers to viewers. This particular program features interesting subject matter that is diverse, covering many unseen dangers which could occur.

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The producers have achieved excellence in the production with thoughtful narration along with realistic crime scene recreation. The intention of Web of Lies on ID is not merely for entertainment, but rather for education. We live in a world that is filled with both good and bad people. Internet users of all ages can learn about some of the crimes which have happened through internet relationships.