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Grade: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. When Kip fails to prepare an oral report for history and attempts to fake one on piracy at the end of the class period, he manages to buy one night to produce a report for the next day. Now that Grandfather is nearing his end, he begs Kip to believe that he has truly lived the tales he's told.

Grandfather had lived in two dimensions: one in the present, and one as an eighteenth-century pirate. The key to returning to the past is in a chest in the attic. He beseeches Kip to make the trip and bring to the present the daughter he left behind many years ago. A family picture moves Kip to believe the old man, and his curiosity takes over as he examines the wondrous items in the chest in the attic. Within seconds of a bottle being in his hands, Kip is transported to a sea inhabited by pirate ships and is swimming for his life.

Kip swabs, serves, fights, and watches. He discovers that Captain Dawes is a woman. She would kill to protect her secret. Kip further discovers that Captain Dawes is his aunt, the daughter of his grandfather and the person he went into the past to bring back. He cannot stop the punishment the crew metes out to him and Captain Dawes, but both finally make it back to the present.

And what a show he presents to his class on piracy! Author: Easley, MaryAnn. Grade: 5, 6, 7, 8. Hit by a whale off the coast of California, Grandpa's foot fishing schooner sinks, taking Grandpa with it, leaving Rachel and Boo alone, fighting to stay alive in a free-floating life raft on an ocean filled with sharks. Their fortress against nature is an orange tent-like canopy atop three black inner tubes, with a rubberized floor thin enough to feel the water moving beneath it.

The story is told from fourteen-year-old Rachel's point of view; through her eyes, we see the children struggle for survival, but we also witness memories of past events involving their grandfather. Those memories create a rich picture of the old man's personality, the reason for and details about the schooner's creation, and family relationships. In addition to the personal insights, there are the dangerous mini-adventures that lend depth to the novel: the use of a gun in "fishing" for salmon, the fishing fleet's paranoia about "hot spots," enforcing the rules of the sea and of fishing boats, and the danger of fishing in freighter lanes.

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The novel is off to a quick start with the shipwreck and Rachel's and Boo's reluctant acceptance of their grandfather's death and the loss of the boat. Dealing with their own possible fate rapidly moves them from contemplation to action in order to survive. Their food soon exhausted and their water turned putrid, they manage to catch flying fish and eat them raw, use fish entrails for bait, and eat fish eyeballs for liquid.

They wrestle a sea turtle on board but keep only her eggs and return her to the sea. They outride a thrashing lightening storm and suffer cold, wet nights sitting in fish slime and sea salt while listening for hissing leaks in the raft's floor. They sunburn and blister from the blazing sun of the day. Rachel gets food poisoning. Boo is the mainstay until rescue finally comes. Belly Up is a kids-against-the-elements page-turner! An educator and a gifted writer, she paints a complete picture of fishing for salmon aboard a two-mast, gaff-rigged schooner and crafts a wonderful sea adventure in which brother and sister team together to problem solve getting food and water and keeping their survival raft afloat.

Her fishing lingo is accurate. Her imagery is stunning. And it is no wonder because MaryAnn Easley for seven seasons fished commercially for king salmon with the Pacific Northwest Fleet while aboard her own foot sailing schooner. Challenging vocabulary is defined at the bottom of each page. Jim Hawkins is a true spirit, navigating a path through the unworldly, even as circumstances become stranger and stranger. Stevenson soaks us in strong characters with vivid, rich names—rascals and thieves, lawyers and boys.

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Subtitle: Pirates and Privateers, Part One. Age: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Grade: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Pages: In the 17th century, there were pirates in many parts of the world, but in the Americas, there emerged a kind of pirate called the buccaneer.

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Peter Francis, known throughout the New World as Peter the Great, was one of the most dreaded buccaneers of his time. He was so feared that even when he was captured, his captors agreed to let him go, free to rove the seas once more. Subtitle: Pirates and Privateers, Part Two. Young Henry King was first mate on a merchant ship that was taking goods from England to the American colony of Virginia when it was captured by a Dutch privateer. When his captain and most of the crew were taken aboard the privateer, Henry found himself in a battle of both brains and brawn against the young Dutch man chosen to command his ship.

Could he outwit his inexperienced adversary and save the English ship? Subtitle: Pirates and Privateers, Part Three. Captain William Kidd did not intend to become a pirate.

In fact, the most notorious pirate of his day would not have considered himself a pirate at all. The victim of bad luck and an even worse conspiracy against him, Captain Kidd became famous for acts of murder and brutality that he never actually committed. Subtitle: Pirates and Privateers, Part Four. When it came to pirates, there was none so feared as Blackbeard. His name alone struck dread in the hearts of all who heard about him.

Facts About Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Fearsome Female Pirates

He so terrorized the people of the American colonies that at last one man, Lieutenant Robert Maynard, agreed to try to stop him. It would be a deadly battle, and many men, both sailors and pirates, were sure to be killed. But would Lieutenant Maynard be able to bring down the cruel and fearsome Blackbeard?

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Subtitle: Pirates and Privateers, Part Five. Could a well-to-do gentleman who had never commanded a ship before learn to be a pirate by reading books on the subject? Stede Bonnet thought he would try.

When he met some success, another landlubber, Colonel William Rhett, decided to go after him. What happens when two men who have little idea of what they're doing meet for a sea battle? The answer forms a tale like no other. Subtitle: Pirates and Privateers, Part Six. Although he did his duty bravely, Silas Talbot's first task for the army of the American colonies during the Revolutionary War ended with him badly wounded—and so did every mission after that.

Finally, Silas decided to work as a privateersman instead so that he could plan out his own missions. His idea to outwit the English sailors who were setting up to attack his hometown was dangerous and daring, but Silas was determined to succeed. You are viewing Home -based Switch to school -based.

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Tel Fax mail rfwp. Books about Wooden Sailing Ships One of the most thrilling aspects of the primal relationship between man and nature occurs on wooden sailing ships. Share this series. Books in this series 1. The Key to Honor 3. The Price of Command 4. Sail to Caribee 6. Bottles of Eight and Pieces of Rum 7. Belly Up 8. Treasure Island Search Trilogy 9. Peter Francis, Buccaneer First Mate Henry King and the Privateer After a spell as the wife of a highwayman, she teamed up with a hoodlum called Tristram Savage to rob an astrologer.

The illustration below depicts this robbery. For reasons which are not explained in the text, Savage is dressed as a woman. Note the devil peeping out from beneath the tablecloth! Captain Johnson is a pseudonym.