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At the Gala

He likely stayed in his bed the times she visited, so she had no reason to worry, either. When we returned five days later, an Ariel made up of little more than skin and bones greeted us. His kidney function had declined drastically. We knew the end would come much sooner than we wanted.

We would make his last months or weeks good ones. We finished preparations for Death Valley and we left believing we would find Ariel greeting us as always, if not the muscled kitty he once had been. The call came Monday evening, as I headed toward Stovepipe Wells.

Somehow Deborah had cellular connectively where we had never seen it before. The call was weak. She did not want to tell me what the call was about, but I read it on her face. While we were somewhere on the road to Stovepipe Wells, Ariel with dignity and compassion would be sent to cross the Rainbow Bridge. His time had come. I headed into the setting sun with a heavy heart, and determination in my eyes.

The hot breeze quickly dried the tears. How Lucy came into my life: When my brother left for college, he took his dog, Roxy with him. It was then I realized how much I missed having a dog in the house. So after convincing my mom which I am not sure how I did , my search for a dog began. I visited the Glendale Humane society several times but left empty-handed. Then one visit, a friend wanted to go with me to help me make a decision. I walked in and the dogs started to bark from every direction.

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I walked around and looked. However, she sat at the edge of the cage, looking at me. She stayed close to me and you can say, she adopted me. We walked back to the shelter and found out that since she was a stray, I would have to wait the allotted time to allow someone to come and claim her. I think I had to wait 5 days.

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But every day I called to see if she was still there and sure enough, she was. The shelter worker told me that several people were looking at her as well so if I wanted her , make sure I was there on the first day she was available. And so, I took the day off, and waited for the shelter to open. I filled out the application and she was mine. That was back in July Ever since then, Lucy has been a part of my life in every way possible.

I tried to give her the best possible life that she deserved. Everyone who met Lucy, loved her.

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She was the sweetest dog and no one can replace her. Her paws will be forever on my heart. Our beloved Bunky, the beautiful sweet spirit whose life here we were privileged to share, went on to larger frisbee runs and endless squirrel chases today. The gap he leaves is huge and can only be filled with memories of his infinite provision of joy and his tireless devotion and loyalty. We are all better people because of what he taught us. Miss Manners was born in January of She was the acrobat cat — the diva on the tight rope — performing shows daily throughout the year.

Miss Manners retired from show business in November of to live the life of luxury. She resided in the beautiful mountain resort town of Idyllwild, CA from to , and then in Palm Springs From until , she traveled extensively — both domestically and internationally. Notably she spent the summer of living in Orehovy — just outside of Moscow, Russia. She also traveled dozens of times to New York City, one of her very favorite places, staying there several weeks throughout each year from Miss Manners was treated like a queen every moment of every day of her life.

All who met her were blessed by her sweet demeanor and charmed by her unique personality. She is survived by her mom, Denise, and her two sisters, Shakti and Marigold.

Pet Memorials

The upper floors consisted of apartments rented by hospital employees. The ground floor housed our office and a laundry room. My office looked out onto a patio area where some of the kids who lived in the building liked to play. In the summer of , I noticed that the kids often played with an orange kitten. I remember thinking, that the poor kitten never got any rest from these kids. He seemed happy enough to be with them, as they carried him around in a big box and passed him from one child to another.

In March of , I noticed an orange tabby cat hanging around the laundry room and out in the patio area. Then, he was at our windows looking in at us as we worked. One day, when the office door was open, he came in and wanted to hang around.

The world is not full of cat lovers like me. I noticed that this scruffy little cat was pretty skinny and dirty. It occurred to me that this was probably the cat that I had seen with the kids during the previous summer. Apparently, the family had moved away, and left him behind. I started bringing in dry cat food, and feeding him every day. He would come to the window, and paw on it to get my attention. If I saw him outside or in the laundry room, he would always come to me, and loved to be held and petted. One day I brought my son Jeremy to work with me.

I told Jeremy to come to the laundry room with me, so I could show him something. We went into the laundry room and sat on a couch. The little orange tabby cat was sitting on top of a dryer, staying warm. I called to the kitty to come. He immediately jumped off the dryer and planted himself between Jeremy and me on the couch.

Some people in my office wanted to call animal control to come get my little orange friend, but I was determined not to let that happen.

I was sure I could find a home for this sweet little kitty. A friend of mine, Joyce was very involved in animal rescue. Joyce arranged for free neutering for this little cat, which would make it easier to find him a home. I had an appointment for him at the vet for the following week. Then, I walked into work one day and noticed that the little guy had an abscess on his leg. I knew that he need medical attention right away. So, I took him to the vet who was scheduled to perform the neutering. I explained that we had very little money, but I wanted to help this little cat get well.

I left him there for two days. They drained the abscess, neutered him, and gave him all his shots.

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When I returned to pick him up, I was very worried about the cost. I was amazed and thanked him profusely. Thank you for taking in this animal. He came into our house and went right to the bedroom that my husband Cliff and I shared.