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One problem associated with large breeds of dogs like the German Shepherd is a high risk of musculoskeletal problems. In many instances, the dogs that develop this issue are ones that grew too quickly into adulthood. Thankfully, you can prevent your German Shepherd from acquiring this disease. First, ensure that you feed him a large-breed puppy food formula. You can then substitute that product with a large-breed adult formula. The latter contains proteins for supporting your dog's lean muscle mass. Second, you should supplement his diet with glucosamine and chondroitin.

These ingredients are competent in providing extra bone and joint support. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein.

The Holistic Select pet food company has been around for more than a decade. Why we choose this as the best food for the German Shepherd puppy is because of its exceptional health support. Many puppies find it challenging to digest foods during the first couple of days. It has a blend of probiotics and enzymes that make it easy for your puppy to digest. These are obtained from the whole grains and lean meat of lamb instead of chicken fat. Chicken fat is not unhealthy per se, but lamb is way more nutritious. Considering how big or quickly your German Shepherd puppy grows, a single bag of food may run out rather fast.

If you have a small budget, this could pose a challenge given the high price of the Holistic Select Puppy Health Food. A majority of people are beginning to embrace a holistic lifestyle and this includes the food they eat. Precise believes that dogs should not be left behind in this movement. Ideally, organic foods are the best GSD dog food. This blend of features guarantees a smooth digestion for your pet.

Aside from the natural ingredients, Precise Holistic Adult Formula consists of glucosamine and chondroitin. Each bag of Precise has a wealth of fruit and vegetables such as peas and blueberries. This way, your German Shepherd has all the critical vitamins and minerals to stave off diseases. Sadly, the Precise Holistic Complete is not sold in some local stores. As such, you should manage your inventory well and place new orders before your current bag runs out.

While it is a relatively new recipe in the market, it has already received raving reviews from pet owners.

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Plenty of dog breeds—the German Shepherd included—are sensitive to grain. Fortunately, Purina canned dog food is totally grain-free. Instead, it is loaded with high-quality protein, which your pet needs to maintain his healthy muscles. Purina offers a variety of recipe and flavors, all of which contain no preservatives or artificial additives.

Purina has in-house nutritionists, who run each formula through a test panel of animals before launching the product.

Best Dog Food for a German Shepherd - Puppies & Adults

Some clients have reported that their older dogs ended up having loose stool. To combat this, try mixing the Purina Beyond Grain-Free with a dry food. Royal Canin is a far cry from the conventional dog food companies, which only aim at making extra profits. Instead, this firm competes on formulas and excellent taste.

It has a blend of glucosamine and chondroitin, ingredients known to support the growth of the spine. Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects lots of large breed dogs. The Royal Canin Giant Junior is designed to combat this. Another perk of relying on this dog food is the fact that it has a complex combination of antioxidants and vitamins C and E. Along with taurine, these nutrients not only help your dog to age healthily but also boost its immune system. Thanks to the added L-carnitine, your dog will never suffer from heart problems.

This compound is also excellent for his nervous system.

Best Food For German Shepherd Puppies – Delicious Meals For Healthy Growth

It has the perfect ingredients for large dog breeds like the German Shepherd, particularly for those with food allergies. This combination can keep your German Shepherd lively and active all day long. Also, we like that it comes in an array of flavors. These are meaty bits, which contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You will know if your German Shepherd has a grain allergy when he has loose stool after eating food containing grains. For a healthy boost, look for a food formula that contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health as well as omegas 3 and 6 for inflammation control, arthritic pain, trainability, mood improvement, heart and kidney boost, and skin and coat maintenance.

German Shepherds are at high risk of Gastric Dilation-Volvulus commonly known as bloat , which is caused by these ingredients. Bloat can be fatal. Feeding your dog a corn, wheat, oat, or rice formula is not worth the price of the food. Generally, an active adult German Shepherd can eat 2. This is a solid starting point but check with your veterinarian and the guidelines of the food brand to get the most accurate measurement.

Dry kibble is one of the most popular types of food for German Shepherds. Dry kibble contains all the essential nutrients German Shepherds need and is palatable enough that dogs are eager to eat every meal. For the picky eaters, dry kibble is available in so many flavors and formulas that nearly every dog will find a brand they love.

Dry kibble may not be the best food for senior dogs who have trouble eating the hard morsels. If you prefer the kibble formula, you can add water to the dry kibble each time you feed your German Shepherd to soften the morsels. The wet food is easier to chew and digest for a puppy who was recently weaned from its mother. The same goes for adult German Shepherds as well — quick digestion of nutrients is highly beneficial.

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Wet food has pros and cons: it does not go rancid, but it does require refrigeration. Another pro being you can mix wet food with dry food to accommodate the picky eating pups out there. Wet food has more of a natural, meaty flavor, which dogs will eat enjoy. Mixing boring dry kibble with wet food makes kibble more interesting! Semi-moist dog food, similar to wet canned food, is another option for picky eaters or dogs who have trouble chewing dry kibble. It is not, however, the best option for all dogs due to high sugar, salt, and chemical levels in some brands.

Be careful of what brand you buy and how much salt and sugar are in the food. Avoid cheap brands of semi-moist food that fill their food with chemical additives, preservatives, and artificial colors. German Shepherds should not have any of either of these ingredients.

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  6. Freeze-Dried food is a new concept on the market of dog food. You may not likely find freeze-dried dog food at your grocery store or even a specialty pet store, but there are several brands available online. Freeze dried dog food is made from real cooked food put through a special process to remove nearly all the water content. The result of this process is a light and airy food packaged in an air-tight container for future use. Freeze dried dog food will last for years in an undamaged package. How is that possible? Micro-organisms need water to survive so when all the water is removed from the food, it is not at risk of spoiling.

    Frozen-then-thawed food could greatly improve or strengthen the health of your German Shepherd, but it does require premeditation, preparation, and safe handling.

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    If you have a car with a cooler, you should be able to keep the food frozen. If you do not travel by car to the grocery store, keeping food frozen with freezer packs may be difficult and heavy, especially in warmer weather. If you can get the food home safely, though, the nutritional benefits are greatly worth the effort. Always thaw food in the refrigerator and allow for 12 hours of thawing time.

    Frozen raw food comes in 2 forms: patties and medallions.

    The Best Dog Food for German Shepherds (Review & Buying Guide) in 12222

    Patties resemble a large burger patty. Medallions resemble a meatball or slider patty. Both thaw at the same rate. Experts say the benefits of frozen food makes it one of the best possible options for German Shepherds and dogs in general because of the minimal processing involved. The minimally processed meaty diet keeps dogs looking and feeling young with high longevity — perfect for an active German Shepherd. Dry kibble for young German Shepherds who are full of energy, for example. Wet food for a senior German Shepherd with difficulties eating.

    Freeze dried food for the German Shepherd owner who likes to stock up on food. No matter the type, organic is always best for a German Shepherd. Warm air blows the moisture away from the food.

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