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An ideal place to start with Descartes would be the Discourse on the Method , the first five of the Rules for the Direction of the Mind , and the first chapter of The World, or Treatise on Light. And then if you want to read the Meditations , read that next.

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    Discourse or Meditations? No Principia?

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    Descartes’ Life and Works

    And our senses constantly deceive us through perceptional illusions. It is therefore wrong to assume that our senses are reliable sources and, for the sake of his argument, Descartes claims that we should always be skeptic of any sensory knowledge.

    Does this rule apply to the senses? I don't believe Descartes set out to prove that nothing is real but rather tried to discovery what is real, true knowledge. I don't believe he truly thought that all sensory knowledge was deceptive. Want to read both pages?

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