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To- gether with W. Grace, Brain assisted to in- crease the score by runs for the third wicket, and then the Oxonian and Painter put on another runs for the tifbh wicket, while afterwards Painter and Page added 81 runs without being separated. The weather was cold and cheerless, and the wonderful day's cricket was witnessed hy very few people. Bead, b W. Bowdeu, st Bush, b Woof 35 E. Diver, b Woof 55 W. Read, c and b Pullen J. Shuter, c Brain, b Painter. Key, lbw, b W. Grace 10 Abel, c W. Horner, st Busli, b W.

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Townsend, b Barratt 13 J. Brain, c Barratt, b Abel W. Pullen, b Barratt 0 Painter, not out 03 H. Although the Cautabs, on Tuesday, at Brighton, at one time looked like making a. The cricket, however, presented many features of interest. Over night the Cambridge Inell had lost seven wicket, for 47 runs, so that it seemed practically certain they would have to follow on. The last few batsmen, however, gave a lot of trouble, and Ford and Morton, by most plucky cricket, put on 54 rutis for the last wicket there being great enthusiasm when the follow-on was averted.

Owing to a touch of lumbago Ford was unable to bowl in the Australian second innings—a piece of very hard luck for Cam- bridge. In his however, Morton bowled r" -inP markably well. The fielding was mftrt and accurate, being only marked with one bad mistake at long by Studd. Bannerman played fine crivket for 44, and Bonnor hit freely for 36, only one other man reaching Thdre was ch ering when Morton clean bowled Murdoch. Ihe Australian innings closed at half-past four, so that the Cititabs had to go in after a day's fielding- Considering the condition of the wicket it wa not expected they would get the requisite , but the batting was most disappointing.

Spofforth bowled in his be-t form, and the crack batsmen went down one afwr another. Studd and Morton at the end, however, managed to stop the collapse.


Though it did not kick so mueh as on Thursday, the wicket still gave the bowlers great assistance. Steel 36 Blackham.

Steel, b Ford 8 b Roller 7 Midwinter, c A. G- Steel, b Ford 0 cStudd. Steel 16 Palmer, run out 23 b Morton 0 Spoffortb, run out 42 c substitute, b A. Lyttelton,b Giffen 4 b Giffen 9 A. Steel, c Boyle, b Giffen 10 1 bw, bSpofforth 4 F. Lacey, b spofforth 5 c Boyle, b Giffen. Whitfield, b Spofforth 21 c Boyle, b Spoiforth 5 H.

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Second innings, Morton 34 20 55 5 Allcock 5 2 16 0 A. Steel 1 1 0 0 Morton bowled a wide and H. Steel a no ball. Spofforth 38 19 52 6 Giffen 26 6 52 2 Palmer 9 2 18 0 Boyle 0 8 1 Spofforth bowled one no ball. An inquest was held at Liverpool on Tuesday on the body of Hermann P'a? The jury, in returning a verdict of Suicide during temporary insanity," exyrossed the conviction that there bad been gross neglect on the part of the workhouse officials and physi- cians, in which the coroner concurred.

Stanley, the African explorer, saved of his.

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Livingstone, Ure, Wumer, S. Four times more nourishing than meat, and saving 50 times its cost in medicine. Swtaoly packed for all climates.

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Limited , No. Depot in Cardiff. Sir,—I am directed by Mr Gladstone to express to you his thanks for the Salve which you have been so good as to send him. Signed, Horace Seymour. Try it. It removes all unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth or tobacco smoke. The Fragrant Floriline, being composed in part of honey and sweet herbs, is delicious to the taste, and the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Price 2s 6d of all Chemists and Perfumers. Wholesale depot re moved to SIB,—Will you kindly allow me spade to re- mind my temperance friends that it behoves them to bestir themselves and gird on their strongest armour to fight for the cause of tem- perance, at the annual general licensing meetings, which will be held shortly throughout the princi- pality.

I observe in the papers published in my own town Llanelly that several grocers advertise their intention of applying to the magistrates, at the general licensing meeting, to be held at Llanelly, on Wednesday, the 27th inst. Thanking you in anticipation for granting me a small space in your paper.

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SIR,—" X. It seems that because I said, in a way of joke, iu a postscript to my letter, that I would con- fidently leave him to the care and protection of the Rev. Mr Prydrlerch, of Wern," has had some magic and wouderful effect upon him, and has, apparently, quite thrown him off his balance. I do not deny, now, but that it would have been better and more prudent on my part, perhaps, had I not said it, if I did think so, or insinuate that he required some such looking after.

How- ever, I am glad to find that he and i are able to agree upon one point, that the presumption and audacity of some individuals cannot be com- kpared to their ignorance. I must admit, and I do so very willingly indeed, that I have been under the impression that these meet- ings were truly, and in the most literal sense of the word, representative meetings. But I find that if we are to accept" X. Now I should be glad to know what can be the object in view in holding these conferences, and does "X. If they did not represent the churches in this country, as alleged by "X. Am I to suppose that he ex- peeted those that attended this confer- ence at Lampeter, to consult him as to whether they should or not pass a resolution with regard to the parliamentary representation of this county?

Michigan quarterly review: Vol. 35, No. 1

It was just what ought to have been done. A similar resolution had beeu previously passed by the Calvinistic Methodists at each of their monthly meetings, held at both the upper and lower parts of this county, and it was what we had expected—Lnat the Independents would have followed suit, and give an expression publicly, by means of a resolution in the same manner, of their feelings and of their views on this question, I rather thiuk myself that X. But, of course, I do not mean to say less than that there may be some that are of a, different fesling, but they are very few in number.

I do not know who this X. William Evans, of Aberayron, who pre sided over the conference at Lampeter, and the Rev. I believe that is the drift of what ha asserts. I am sorry that 1 have not my copy of the South Walt's DaVy Hews in which his last letter appeared by me just now, having loaned it to a friend. JNJow I beg to say that I differ from him on that point. I have attended tfvery one of those meetings held by the central committee frum the commencement, or since its formation as an association.

I know perfectly wet! I hold that there was too much of the urban interest, and too little of the rural, represented at those meetings, which has caused no inconsider- able unpleasantness amongst the Liberal party in different localities. Has the way the people that attended the last meeting at Aberporth were treated by their neighbours from Cardigan quite escaped his memory?

To insinuate that were it not for the fact that some of these ministers failed to carry out their tactics at the committees of the association, we would not have been troubled with such a presumptuous resolution as that passed at the Lampeter quarterly meeting," is going beyond description. I am at a loss to know what tactics did they attempt that they should have failed. Ha must have drawn largely on his own imagination, otherwise how are we to account for these mental effusions? Leaving your correspondent in the custody of the rev.

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