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Healing Request Request distant Reiki for yourself or your family and friends.

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Lord Surya, who is the chief of the grahams, appears with a lotus in his divine hands. Surya Bhagawan blesses his devotees with good health, fame and efficient management. The presiding deities are Puranavaradheeswarar and his consort Mangalanayaki. Surya is the Lord of Simma Rasi and occupies the central place amongst the navagrahas.

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The adidevatha is Agni, prathyutha Devatha — Rudran. His color is red and his vahana is a chariot drawn by seven horses.

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The grain associated with his is wheat; the flower — lotus, yerukku; fabric — red clothes; gem — ruby; food — wheat, rava, chakkara pongal. Suryanaar Koyil was built by the Chola kings. Kulottunga Chola is said to have had a good relationship with the Gahadwal dynasty of Kanauj — , whose rulers were Sun worshippers, and hence Suryanar Koyil, is considered to be an expression of their influence in South India.

The temple the tower of the temple is At the top of the tower are five domes. To the north of the rajagopuram lies the sacred bathing ghat, called Surya Pushkarni. It is important to bathe in this ghat before offering worship at the temple. Special features of the temple All the grahams face Surya Bhagawan in this temple. As soon as one enters the temple, there is a sacrificial platform Bali peetam. To its east lies a mandap where one can see an idol of a horse.

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The one-wheeled chariot is drawn by seven horses. According to Atharvana Veda, one who worships Surya Bhagawan will be relieved from diseases pertaining to the eyes and heart. This temple is open from 6 a. Bookmark and Share.

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About Temple: This is the second significant temple of navagrahangal situated at thingaloor near thiruvayaru of tanjore district. This temple will remain opened from 7. Abishegam and arathanai can be done at the rate of Rs. History Chandran is also hailed as Thingal and his abode is Thingalur.

As Chandran is held in the locks of Lord Siva, all devotees who worship Easwaran have also to worship this planet. The Devas and asuras were churning the paarkadal using Mandira Malai and the snake Vasuki. The asuras held the head portion of the snake and the devas, the tail portion.

The poison emitted by Vasuki was consumed by Lord Siva to save the devas, but the toxicity of venom affected the Devas who swooned on its impact. Alongwith the nectar amirtham , Chandran emerged and it was he who revived the Devas. Apputhi Adigal was born in Thingalur. He did a lot of welfare activity in his hometown in the name of Thirunavukkarasar.

During his visit to this holytown Thirunavukkarasar heard about Apputhi Adigal and visited his abode and consented to partake in the meal offered in his honour. To serve food for Thirunavukkarasar, Apputhi Adigal sent his son to the garden to fetch a plantain leaf. When on this errand, a snake bit him and the lad passed away. Not wishing to disappoint his guest, Apputhi Adigal covered the corpse of his son and tried to serve his mentor. But realising the situation, Thirunavukkarasar carried the corpse to the temple of Lord siva in Thingalur and revived the boy singing and imploring the Lord with Thirupadigam.

Dosham to mother, mental retardation, skin and nerve problems, jaundice, fluid accumalation are the diseases caused because of Chandra dosham. By praying to Lord Chandran, the above afflictions can be overcome. The sthalam of Chandran is Thingalur, which is located 36kms from Kumbakonam, enroute to Thiruvaiyaru.

The presiding deity are Kailasanathar and his consort Periyanayakiamman. The Adi Devatha is water; prathyathi Devatha is Gowri; his colour is white and his vahana is white horse. The grain associated with him is paddy, rice; the folwer — white arali; fabric — white cloth; gem — pearl; food — curd rice. About Temple: This temple is situated 16Kms away from mayiladuthurai and 52 Kms away from kumbakonam. During the tamil month of thai a grand festival will held for 10 days and for pankuni bramotchavam abishegam and arathannai will be done for 28days.

During Aaypasi Kandasheasti festival will be celebrated for 6 days.

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Moreover during other important yearly festivals lke deepavali, pongal and new year special abishegam and Aarathanai will be done. Sambathi, Jadayu, Lord Muruga, Suriyan are also reputed to have worshipped in this sthalam. Even diseases that could not get cured by Mani Manthira Aushathangal got cured at this place and the presiding deity came to be called Vaidyanathar. His consort who was the chief of women of both worlds is hailed as Thayal Nayagi. Selva Muthukumarasami of this temple is lovingly called Muthiah. Once, when Lord Shiva was in deep meditation, perspiration from his third eye fell on earth.

The male child that was born of this sweat drop was Angaragan Chevvai. Angaragan married Sakthi Devi of Avanti town and had a son called Sumarasan.

By praying to him, a person can offset the problems arising out of his afflictions. Brothers and sisters, physical strength, victory, valour are the beneficial aspects of this planet. The sthalam of Chevvai Bhagavan is Vaideeswaran koil, which is located 6kms from Sirgazhi en route to Mayavaram.

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His wives are Malini, Susilini. The presiding deity are Vaidyanathan and his consort Thaiyal Nayaki. The grain associated with him is thuvarai; the flowers — shenbagam and red arali; fabric — red cloth; gem — coral; food- rice mixed with toor dhal powder. The belief is that if prayers are offered to Ankarakan, he will bestow valour, victory and strength to the person.