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What do you get when you cross a huge piece of Andamooka opal and a lot of very hard quartz? My biggest challenge ever! This piece weighs 2.

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Sometimes all you want to do is watch some therapeutic opal cutting without some dude talking the whole time. How can you tell whether an opal is a doublet or completely natural? Doublets are […]. Sign Up Be the first to know. Justin, Man I got the fever. Craig Cerny rough opal parcel. Latest News My biggest challenge ever!

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A massive chunk of Andamooka opal What do you get when you cross a huge piece of Andamooka opal and a lot of very hard quartz? She likens the artistic appeal to having a bunch of colors of paint on one brushstroke. Also a fan of boulder but loving all types, Los Angeles designer Pamela Froman enjoys mixing opals with other gems like paraiba tourmaline and tanzanite, even rose quartz. I get so excited to design with them. History The ancient naturalist known as Pliny the Elder, during the first century A.

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Erica Courtney fire opal earrings with sherry pink spinels. Erica Courtney's exquisitely combined fire opal and paraiba earrings.

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Stunning ct boulder opal courtesy of Emil Weis. Opal Varieties The not-so-romantic description of opal is hydrated silicon dioxide. Exotic 14ct black boulder opal and diamond ring by Alishan. Delicate opal ring by Alishan. Exquisite opal collection from Cody Opal. Opal Enhancements Some opal types can be treated to enhance appearance. America Ferrera at the Oscars donning Irene Newirth opal earrings. Irene Newirth opal and turquoise earrings. Pamela Froman opal arabesque earrings.

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  • Stunning 22K opal ring group by Margery Hirschey. Fabulous opal specimen courtesy of Emil Weiss. Read Related Gems. Quartz Common chameleon If you gaze deep into Ametrine Spinning purple into gold.

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    Morganite Alongside emerald and aquamarine, Bloodstone The martyr's gem. Iolite Iolite: gem of the Vikings.

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    Kunzite Millions of years ago, deep in the Beryls The magic of colours Colour appeals to Pearl Pearls - Very cultured Pearls are Chrysoberyl Like the eye of a sleek feline Chrome Diopside A beautiful gem with an ugly name. Jasper Landscape in stone.

    Multicolor Tourmaline Tourmalines are true miracles of colour. Zircon Zircon: brilliant but misunderstood. Agate Banded beauty No gemstone is more Mandarin Garnet Like fiery comets against the evening Coral Precious Coral!


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    Corals are a Citrine Citrine: the king of Quartz. Amber The Jurassic gem Dinosaurs have been Green Tourmaline The tourmaline is a unique miracle of Moonstone The moonstone is characterised by an Rose Quartz A rosy outlook! Rose quartz is more Clear Quartz Crystal Clear. Turquoise The turquoise is ancient, yet again Tsavorite The shining green tsavorite is a young