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Did I not clap loud enough for your heavenly powers? Serene Footman: Nothing — I simply dislike what you do in SL — I welcomed you here a few years ago and you blew it — never again.

I want to cancel my account.

Cela est un enrichissement exceptionnel. Haunted and tortured sculptures with often black, red and white colours in a dark environment is why one could call Theda the SL Queen of Drama. In fact Theda is not that at all and just a lalala girl with lalala language. No idea what that is? Then you have never visited her work lately or seen her around at music venues.

But ok, it is true only a few well informed nutters know this language and I am privileged to be one of them. You can become one too if you feel attracted to nice people without blah blah and only lala. My name is Faiyaz Jafri. I am curating a special program for Supernova Digital Animation Festival in Denver, to showcase animated work that can not be screened in public in the United States.

Already since the birth of Secondlife avatars use the virtual space to save the world from behind their screens, creating events that only result in pocket money for the good cause.

When they would close their internet connection and go instead collecting money in their local communities they would made times more money for the good cause. Bohemio Love: I am working making a benefit event against cancer. We are building an art gallery to make a beautiful expo and collect funds. Asmita too :. Maybe Anely Abellante too. After, when I checked the space for the expo I heard the conditions for the charity. Artists are not free to do what they want but have to lock themselves up in a glass box and weapons and nudity is not allowed.

And building can only start, when the Barbie wife type blow-up doll of the good Sameritan is ready glueing the boxes together. Talking about freedom of expression or freedom for the artist is not what they are looking for. Bohemio Love: You have made me dirty and my name insulted, you have insulted people who do want to help.

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In exchange for what? I am working hard to do something to help. To help children with cancer…and you make my work dirty with your silly things. As they are already experts in the field of corruption, working in the dark, dealing in secret and abuse their own created rules they would do perfect in the Linden Department of Public Works, the LDPW.

SaveMe Oh is just another malignant narcissist. Chris Craft: But thanks for the link I had no idea about how the LEA committee was organized if it needed more committee members I am sure it could have just asked the over member for volunteers I am sure they would have gotten hundreds of applications. One of the things you never see in Second Life is a genuine crowd — largely because the technology makes it impossible.

In Stephenson's Metaverse, corporations established their presence along a bustling, almost infinitely long street that residents could cruise at will. Second Life is different. Created by an underfunded startup using a physics engine that's now years out of date, Second Life is made up of thousands of disconnected "regions" read: processors , most of which remain invisible unless you explicitly search for them by name.

Residents can reach these places only by teleporting into the void.

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And even the popular islands are never crowded, because each processor on Linden Lab's servers can handle a maximum of only 70 avatars at a time; more than that and the service slows to a crawl, some avatars disappear, or the island simply vanishes. Blank new world: Desolate corporate headquarters in second life. Business appears to be good — very good. But we can hardly keep up with the Fortune companies that are contacting us. From an obscure background in computational linguistics, Verbeck has emerged as perhaps the world's leading evangelist for Second Life business opportunities.

Dressed in blue jeans and a flannel shirt, his long, dark hair flowing from beneath a wide-brimmed black hat, he looks like a diminutive New Age lumberjack. But Verbeck is also oddly charismatic, with an almost messianic belief in the potential of virtual worlds. Electric Sheep launched with the mission of promoting Second Life by developing software to make the experience less clunky and off-putting.

Bringing in big corporations was a way of generating money and adding new in-world attractions. Marketers weren't interested at first, but that changed after the May BusinessWeek story and Rosedale's appearance at Sun Valley a couple of months later. We shouldn't let that happen again. What do marketers want when they call Electric Sheep? Linden Lab leases virtual land to cover its server costs but doesn't take a cut of what companies spend establishing their presence there.

Joseph Jaffe, the marketing consultant who advised Coke on its in-world presence, dismisses the notion that such efforts might not be worthwhile. And the paltry numbers? This is about connecting. It's about establishing meaningful, impactful conversations. So when people ask, 'Why Second Life? Jaffe logs on to show off Coke's Virtual Thirst pavilion, which was created by Millions of Us, a Bay Area company that does in-world builds. He's a close match for his avatar, Divo Dapto, a trim little figure clad in roll-up jeans and a red-on-white Virtual Thirst T-shirt.

The Coke build is expansive, elaborate, and of course empty. But Coca-Cola has a plan. It's sponsoring a contest to create a Virtual Thirst vending machine that it hopes will become ubiquitous in Second Life, just as Coke machines are everywhere in real life. Jaffe professes to be overwhelmed by the number of entries, which he characterizes as "well north of Suddenly, another avatar materializes. I think she's from Japan. She looks around, then teleports someplace else.

E-learning strategy. How do I change the appearance of my Second Life avatar.

Shinedown - Second Chance (Official Video)

This tutorial explains how to edit your avatar's appearance in Second Life. This tutorial is rated as -. You'll need the following software - Second Life. You'll need the following hardware - See the Second Life website for minimum requirements. Although when registering you choose a starting look, you can easily customise or completely change the way your avatar looks later.

If you keep to the default look, you may run into your doppelganger in-world as everyone has to choose from the very limited list when registering. To change your avatar's appearance, right click the avatar and select Appearance. A window will open where every aspect of your appearance can be changed.

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You can even change your gender so be warned that you can't assume that the person behind an avatar is necessarily of the same gender! Tutorial key. Easy to achieve, little or no techinical skill required. The ability to use MS office. Already using e-learning to support teaching and learning, for example you may already have a WebCT course. Well versed in the use of e-learning technologies. The ability to create interactive content or use an image manipulation package.