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Comparative Federalism. Michael Burgess. Political Theory and the Modern State. David Held. Nationalism and Modernism.

UNIT 3: Diversity and pluralism

Prof Anthony D Smith. Language and Minority Rights. Stephen May.

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  • Pluralism and Toleration in Contemporary Political Philosophy?
  • Pluralism and Toleration in Contemporary Political Philosophy - John Gray, .
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Understanding Classical Sociology. Professor John Hughes. Andrew Gamble. Ideology and Politics. Dr John J Schwarzmantel. Moyra Grant. Morality and Nationalism. Catherine Frost. Simon Lemieux. Racialized Boundaries. Floya Anthias. Barry Pavier. Liberal Internationalism. Critical Perspectives on Human Security. David Chandler. The Sociology of Modernization and Development. David Harrison. Michael Rush. Gramsci and Contemporary Politics. Anne Showstack Sassoon. Transformation of Political Community. Andrew Linklater.

UNIT 3: Diversity and pluralism – How can people live together peacefully?

Engendering Democracy. Anne Phillips.


The Cosmopolitan Imagination. Gerard Delanty. Anthony Payne. Critical Theory and World Politics. Alastair Bonnett.

State and Class. Ralph Pettman.

Rethinking public religion: Word, image, sound

William Leiss. Nick Stevenson. Democracy and Difference. Cosmopolitan Government in Europe. Owen Parker. Ideology and Social Welfare. Victor George. The Political Thought of Andre Gorz.

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Adrian Little. European Integration and the Postmodern Condition. Peter Van Ham. Nigel Ashford. Political Theory In Transition.

Examples of Pluralism

Noel O'Sullivan. Thinking about Development. Bjorn Hettne. Engels Revisited Routledge Revivals. Janet Sayers. The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics. Professor John M. Education and Cultural Citizenship. The Political Theory of Global Citizenship.

An Ongoing Engagement with John Hick

April Carter. Global Modernity. Arif Dirlik. Rethinking equality. Chris Armstrong. Political Development Theory. Richard Higgott. Marxism and World Politics. Alexander Anievas. Multiple Democracies in Europe. Paul Blokker. In this edited collection Mark Bevir aims to improve our understanding of this tricky area by clarifying different senses and theories of pluralism and tracking the development of these during the twentieth century.

In particular, Bevir wants to acquaint readers with significant versions of pluralism that have been submerged by other ideas, yet may still provide useful resources for us now. The basic idea of bringing together various dimensions, periods, and traditions of pluralism is immediately intriguing.

This in itself seems to be a problem of plurality. On the whole, Bevir meets this challenge successfully.