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It is legal to leave water for non-human animals in the desert.

Let's Go - 180 Action-Based Devotionals For People On The Move

Leaving water for humans who crossed the border illegally is a federal crime. O God, may love never be criminal. What if church growth was less about a plan or a program and more about an orientation, an attitude, a way of being? What if the most attractive feature of your church was peace? God, sometimes I am as oblivious and heartless as Saul.

Thank you for knocking me off my horse to see how I have hurt you, and your beloveds. Let us pray for those who have no one to pray for them. Her sighs are the only plan to lift their loneliness to God. John of Patmos saw an open door in heaven, an open channel through which faith could operate boldly and imaginatively.

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God has left that door open for each of us. God, for every compromised pleasure I have lost, you have a thousand perfect ones in store. Reveal some to me now, so that I can stop whining. Ours is a God who knows the journey, who is on the move, who goes ahead of us. You will be upheld. You will be sustained, in your going out and coming in. Trust this.


And how much more does your Creator love you? You will be well.

Do you see trouble? Write it. Write that. Write that, too. Or speak it, or draw it, or sculpt it. Forgive us for the ways in which we take workers for granted. Give us the courage and wisdom to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all. Are we bearing the wounds of something worth fighting for? They are the sign that we fought the good fight. It was never meant to be. Inhaling and exhaling, in destruction and in creation, what can it do but praise the LORD?

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Instead, he let his unbelief pull him forward. Where will you let your unbelief carry you today? How about a Resurrection Recount for Eastertide? No rejection is indicative of our divine destiny. The power of the resurrection is the power to step outside the molds of safe assimilation to be the authentic presence God created us to be. Is there life for you, Holy One? Jesus could have said anything at the last supper. He could have told his friends to avenge his death. He could have raged about the unfairness of life. More and more, we live in front of cameras and screens, surrounded as much by the witness of the cloud as a cloud of witnesses.

How do we live when Jesus is your only witness? The-One-Who-Enlarges takes on those who would make God small. Perhaps Jesus could love because Mary had loved him. She poured out her love in a costly perfume. He did the same for the whole world. God, give me the eyes of a child to see the richness of my life.

And keep the party going. You know grief and loss. As impossible as it might feel, trust that blessing is already embracing your anguish and that God will indeed turn the page. We bear a lot of pain in the name of love. As Christians, we do that for one another, in order to remember that God is doing it for us. There is no gospel that leads to the killing of the soul. The Spirit calls for us to speak the words that set people free, not the words that keep them in their chains. The metaphorical heart is a matter of life and death. Extravagance can scare us.

You will fail

It scared Judas. Mary understood this and did not fear the extravagant mercy of God. Maybe we start to accept the things we really should not, growing accustomed to being so enclosed that we risk forgetting what it means to be free—if we ever knew it. Love can endure disappointment, pain and even disloyalty. But love never endures the separation of termination. How long, O Lord? We need the world you promise.

We need you to vindicate our sticking with you all this time, to redeem our suffering and crown our deaths with life. God, your world is full of wonders and mysteries.

See a Problem?

I learned about it from people in recovery who told me their stories when I was newly sober. Maybe you struggle to be assured that grace is boundless and that you are sufficient just as you are. If so, take heart. You are not alone.

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I am with you. Many people are with you. And God, no matter what, is with you. What is most real, most connected with the life-giving breath of Holy One is all around you, is with you now, ready to carry you to fullness of life. You can do it. The journey is hard, but keep going. Something like Easter is waiting. There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are blessed and those who are also blessed. Sometimes the experience of Jesus way-back-when blocks our ability to recognize him here-and-now.

Creator of all Creatures, thank you for feeding our various needs at our various speeds. The truth about eternity is that it is connected to now. There is no later when it comes to eternity. It is not a bargain nor can it be postponed. Fasting from the profits of the world is too hard to do without fervent prayer and radical generosity. So often, we climb upon the backs of others in order to reap our short-term rewards.

But at what personal cost? So often, people with good intentions try to speak about the heart of God without seeking God. Are you ready to seek? What happens when a career, a building, a gift, a treasure, is surrendered or lost? Who are we then? Is God still God? Not knowing what to do next is often the best platform for finding the unusual. Holy One, permit us to understand interruptions as sacraments. Worry or regret seem to choose me in the middle of the night. Invariably, I choose them back. So stretch your imagination.

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God is there and then, here and now. God can take it. Lent is a time to learn who and whose we are, to prepare for what is to come, to create a life-shaping bond with the Holy One that not even death will be able to break. We confess and pray: Defier of Labels, teach me to meet my neighbors in their fullness.

The discipline of rejoicing is an act of resistance when injustices and struggles pile up. If we do that much, we triumph.