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So if a player is listed at 1. So what are the chances a player listed at 1. We can answer this with a simple formula:. Understanding the probability expressed in betting odds is key to successful golf betting.

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Knowing how to convert odds into their implied probability will only help enhance your chances of long term success betting on tennis. So how much will you win if you place a bet on a particular player and he or she wins their match? This is a very simple calculation:. How much profit will you make on your bet? After dismissing Roger Federer easily in the semifinals, Nadal was a strong 1. Despite playing the best tennis of his career and defeating defending champion Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals, Stan Wawrinka was a massive 5.

However, some expert tipsters sensed an upset was on the cards. While Nadal was an excellent all-court player, his game was still primarily that of a clay-courter, relying on dogged defensive play from the baseline.

However, according to the odds there was only a It was a long shot, would it pay off? Probably doesn't need to be said again! Only bet when there is value. Any tennis betting strategy should equip you with the ability to identify tennis value bets. Any tennis betting system should breakdown each matchup and leave you will a select few contests where betting value is available. With the number of tennis matches being played throughout the year on both the men's and women's circuit, it's best to focus on what you know best and specialise.

It's simply impossible to analyse every upcoming tennis match adequately unless you're able to develop a sophisticated betting model.

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Many successful tennis bettors focus on one area, whether it's men's tennis or women's tennis, the Challenger circuit or only Grand Slam events. Likewise, focus on tennis bet types and markets that you are more familiar and most comfortable with. Some bettors focus only on handicaps while others develop strategies for identifying value in both set and game totals. Whichever tennis circuit you want to bet on and whichever bet types and markets you're most comfortable with, if you want to be successful betting on tennis, you need to be selective and focus on areas of expertise.

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Limiting yourself to only a few, or worse, a single bookmaker is only going to limit your chances in the long run. No, we're certainly not recommending you have account with a dozen different bookmakers. That may be considered excessive. But depending upon only o ne or two bookmakers for all your tennis betting is going to diminish your overall profits in the long run.

Well thinks about it this way.

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If you only have accounts with two bookmakers, you are firstly limiting yourself to a narrower range of tennis bet types and markets to wager on. But more importantly, you are limiting yourself to a narrower range of odds. Let's say you want to bet on Andy Murray to win an upcoming Grand Slam match. You have accounts with two bookmakers:. Which bookmaker are you going to be with? Bookmaker B is the obvious answer.

But let's imagine we have accounts four bookmakers:. While this is a simplistic example, it should be clear how managing a broader range of bookmaker accounts allows you for not only greater flexibility in the markets available to you, but more importantly, a greater range of odds to select from. It may seem like a slight difference, but in the long run, it all adds up. Oh and by the way - you work too hard to risk losing your money to an online scam artist or fly-by-night operation.

Always use a bookmaker reviewed by bettingexpert. Betting on tennis involves identifying value and sound money management. An excellent way to maintain your discipline in both respects is keep a record of each of your tennis bets. If you are failing to keep a record of your tennis betting, then you're putting your chances of being a long term profitable tennis bettor at severe risk. By keeping a detailed record of your tennis betting, you will be able to conduct regular reviews of your overall performance. Which bet types are you most consistently profitable on?

Which tournaments are you losing money on? Not only that but when a losing streak arrives and they happen to even the best tennis bettors you will be able to look back readily observe how you pulled yourself out of losing streaks in the past. We've done the hard work for you and created the bettingexpert Tennis Betting Spreadsheet , feel free to download or read more about it on the bottom of this page. If you do want to back the favourites, do so early when the odds are still reasonable. As such a player may be seeded relatively highly in an event and yet be out of form and susceptible to an upset.

To get the most out of this form of betting a basic knowledge of the intricacies of the serve and return in tennis is essential. The serve in tennis is similar to a tee-shot in golf, a penalty or free kick in football or a place kick in rugby; it is the only time in the match when the immediate outcome is in the hands of an individual. Tennis history is littered with almost as many legendary returners of the ball as great servers.

However most experts now regard Novak Djokovic as an even greater returner of the serve than Agassi. Even the biggest servers in tennis will drop their serves at least once in a set. The result will be a high-bouncing ball delivered in excess of mph — to either the forehand side, backhand side or into the body of the opponent.

Thanks to the likes of YouTube, one can find footage in seconds of pretty much any player on the tour, male or female. Watch both a service game and a return game of a player, and you can quickly asses what type of player they are; a big server, a serve-volleyer rare these days , a baseliner, a strong returner, big forehand or backhand etc. This is a useful tool, especially if you are unfamiliar with a player, or you want to see their playing style and how it would relate to a particular surface. Take a minute to log on to the ATP or WTA website and check out the head-to-head between the player you intend to back and their opponent.

If they have faced each other previously, you will see how many times, the results and scorelines of the matches, and when they took place. Again, this is a very useful tool in tennis betting, but matchups should never be taken at face value, and one should always check a rivalry closely. David Ferrer would seem to be the archetypal clay-courter — which indeed he is — but his tenacity and pugnaciousness have transferred well to all surfaces, and he has actually won more hardcourt events than clay.

Those player aside, most men and women on the tour prefer one surface over another, and have had far more success on their favourite surface.

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A perfect example is former world no. And yet Almagro has only achieved success on clay. He has won 12 ATP titles and reached an additional 10 finals, but all on the red dirt. Hardcourt events are played both indoors — mainly in Europe, and outdoors, mostly in North America.

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Clay court and grass court events are always played outdoors. Goran Ivanisevic won 22 ATP titles, but only seven came outdoors. A tremendous way of augmenting your tennis betting returns is to identify a tennis tipster that specialises in an area or betting market that you do not. While following tennis tips can be a great way of building your betting bankroll, it's important that you research any tipster you are thinking about following.

And when we say research, we mean that you should conduct a thorough investigation. There a dozens of tennis tipsters on the internet, with many making grand claims regarding their profitability. Most tipsters on the internet are not profitable and in some cases are looking to swindle you out of your hard earned money through excessive subscription charges. But there are a select number of successful tennis tipsters delivering profitable tennis betting tips throughout the year. This is the most popular form of tennis betting, where you bet on who will win a particular match within a tournament.

Unlike football, the draw is not an option. A player either will or wont win their match. Before placing your bet, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first of these is the recent form of the player. Have they been performing with dominance or have they been struggling to close out matches? Likewise, it's important to keep in mind past matches between the two players. Some players might be considered of lesser talent in the tournament, but sometimes they have a playing style that troubles players that others consider to be of far greater ability. Possessing this kind of knowledge can help you find tremendous value, particularly in Set and Game handicap betting. It's also important to take into account the surface that the match is being played on.

Grass is the fastest surface making the ball bounce less and makes a players service game an even more important part of the match. The grass surface favours some players while other players have styles suitable for clay or hard court. Clay is the slowest of the ATP surfaces and hard court is considered the middle ground.

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Take these elements into consideration when placing bets and which surfaces favour a particular players style. Since a draw is not a possibility in tennis, odds on favourites are often very low. Therefore some punters chose to accumulate bets in an attempt to find better odds, though this can be deceiving for several reasons. This strategy can be successful if you know your game, if not chances are you're simply compounding negative value.

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Make sure you assess value for each bet and check recent results for each player to be as informed as you can be. This is simply to bet on the winner of a tournament. Normally bookmakers will offer each way bets; one third of the odds on the place of your favourite and the rest if your selection finishes first or second. Always take into consideration that tennis tournaments use draws to determine which players will face one another throughout the tournament.