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Teach Me Your Statutes 8. Goodness and Jesus Christ 9.

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Download the Press Kit. Christopher R. IVP Academic. Special Offers. IVP Book Club. The Lord Is Good. God is good. Matthew Levering, James N. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary. Christopher Seitz, senior professor of biblical interpretation, Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto.

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Nicholas M. Healy, professor, theology and religious studies, St.

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BY Christopher R. He is excellence to an infinite degree, possessing every desirable quality, and therefore of inestimable value. God is good. Because God is Himself the highest and greatest good, He is also the source and fountain of all other good. He does good things. He extends His goodness to others. It is His nature to be kind, generous, and benevolent, to demonstrate good will toward men, and to take great pleasure in making them happy. Because God is good, He wants us to have what we need for our happiness and He sees that it is available to us.

Every good thing we now enjoy or ever hope to enjoy flows from Him, and no good thing has ever existed or ever will exist that does not come from His good hand. All goodness that exists outside of Him finds its source in Him.

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Even a man as godly as the Apostle Paul had to admit that in his natural being there was no good thing Romans , and we have to admit it too. If there is any good to be found in us, it had to come from God, for we are incapable of producing it ourselves. In addition, everything God does is good—specially tailored for our benefit. He can do nothing but what is absolutely best. He cannot possibly be otherwise. If everything God does is good and all His acts are the outflowing of His goodness, it would seem that this attribute embraces all His other attributes.

There is some Biblical evidence for that. God promised Moses that He would make all His goodness pass before him Exodus Evidently all those attributes were summed up in His goodness. For example, when His goodness gives of itself unconditionally and sacrificially, it is love. When it shows favor to the guilty and undeserving, it is grace.

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When it reaches out to relieve the miserable and distressed, it is mercy. When it shows patience toward those who deserve punishment, it is long-suffering. When it reveals to us the way things are, it is truth. When it bears the offense of our sin and absolves us of our guilt, it is forgiveness. When the Bible says that God is good, it is referring to all these qualities and more. For one, it is demonstrated in His creation. Seven times in Genesis God said that what He made was good Genesis ,10,12,18,21,25, Even though man has managed to mar it considerably, it was good the way God made it and it still reflects that goodness: blue skies studded with fluffy white clouds by day and spangled with sparkling bright stars at night; glistening snow-covered mountain peaks; fields and trees with infinitely varied shades of green and gold; brilliant, multicolored flowers with lovely fragrances.

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These blessings turn our minds to Him in adoration and gratitude. They are not reserved for believers alone.

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King David wrote:. The eyes of all look to Thee, And Thou dost give them their food in due time. Thou dost open Thy hand, And dost satisfy the desire of every living thing Jesus said He makes the sun rise on the evil as well as on the good, and sends the rain on the unrighteous as well as on the righteous Matthew He deals bountifully and kindly even with ungrateful and wicked men Luke But the person who knows Him personally, who understands and appreciates His goodness, will not only enjoy His blessings fully, but use them thankfully and unselfishly, giving glory to Him.

Along with the general benefits which God has bestowed on all people, the believer has additional good things to enjoy. For example, he has in his possession the Word of God which is described as good Hebrews He can know and do the will of God which is called good Romans He has the assurance that his good God will work every detail of his life together for good Romans , the minor annoyances as well as the major crises. How great is Thy goodness, Which Thou hast stored up for those who fear Thee, Which Thou hast wrought for those who take refuge in Thee, Before the sons of men!

Psalm Lord God, You are my faithful heavenly Father. You keep all your promises and your covenant with me. Deuteronomy Thank you for Your daily provision in my life. Luke I can rejoice in the knowledge that You always supply all of my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ. Matthew I rejoice in the truth that You wish above all things that I would prosper and be in health, and that my soul would prosper too.

Praise the Lord! I commit my way to You, and I trust in You, Psalm therefore, I know that You will bring everything I need in my life for my good. Romans I delight in You, Lord, my shepherd, and I know that Your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

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