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So common in Warhammer 40, that it's rare to see anyone even try to do good deeds anymore. A quote from the forces of Chaos Codex: "Let no good deed go unpunished, and let no evil deed go unrewarded. After the PCs risk their lives to save a woman from a burning house, the woman sues them because she was injured during the rescue. How is this different from real life?

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Well, the PCs do have the option to kill her out of spite, and with a few well-placed diplomacy checks, bluffs, or intimidation, get off scot-free. The Abyssal Exalted in Exalted have this in spades. Picked out at death to serve Omnicidal Maniac undead gods and given corrupted divine powers, they can choose to go the Dark Is Not Evil route. Only the more positive, life affirming things they do, the likelier it is the said gods take over your body and someone you care about is randomly killed.

This is why Abyssal Exaltation is the only type that both a must be willingly accepted by the recipient and b allows for the possibility of redeeming and changing state into a Solar Exalted. The designers already knew that it's a screw-over, and thus made it both require you to willingly sign on with the Neverborn i.

Visual Novels. The protagonist of Don't Take This Risk is a young woman who gets a phone call from a man who mistakenly thought he was calling a suicide hotline. Despite not having a clue who he is, or knowing anything about him, she attempts to help — depending on your choices, she might try and talk him down herself, or try and persuade him to hang up and call the hotline. There are nine outcomes, none of them good, leaving the young woman either psychologically scarred or trapped in a relationship with this man for her trouble.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In Super Danganronpa 2 , when Monokuma releases a personality-altering Despair Disease in Chapter 3, Mikan Tsumiki, the Ultimate Nurse, takes it upon herself to care for those who are infected. While Mikan admits during her Free Time Events that she does enjoy the sense of power being a nurse gives her over the injured and sick , it's still a fairly kind act.

Unfortunately, as a result of spending so long in close proximity to the sick, Mikan gets infected herself , resulting in her reverting to her Ultimate Despair self, killing Ibuki one of her patients and Hiyoko, then getting executed for the murders. Web Comics. Captain Tagon of Schlock Mercenary may be a merc, but he's a genuinely principled and decent man who, for instance, will refuse to blow up a train full of civilians despite the very personal nature of the mission.

This comes to bite him in the ass when it turns out that the train was not full of civilians at all, but rather a battalion of enemy heavy infantry.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Squid Row : After Grace lets all the special orders accumulate , and Randie clears them, the viciously unpleasant Grace get more hours. As currently stands in Roommates each and every magical problem Sarah Williams ever had including Labyrinth can be traced back to her deeds in the Kid! Jareth arc where she The main plot of Far to the North is kicked off when a family of Northerners takes in what they think are starving refugees.

They turn out to be a band of slavers who quickly turn on their hosts. Freefall has Florence the Bowman's Wolf , who in one early story arc gets involved in rescuing civilians from a hurricane and risks her life to save one Mr. Kornada then steals her headset and forces robots to commandeer the ship, leaving her stranded in water so cold she has a life expectancy of 20 minutes — all so he can attend a completely pointless meeting.

Arguably zigzagged in that this leads to Florence's Interspecies Romance with the human veterinarian who saves her life. The weight then sways back into "punishment" territory when Kornada nearly gets Florence frozen and shipped off-world, and is then revealed to be planning to electronically Mind Rape every robot on the planet, lobotomizing them, all so he can steal all their money. And completely oblivious to the fact that this could well destroy the fledgeling colony, which depends on the intelligence of the local robots to continue functioning.

In Red's Planet , Red's Pet the Dog moment of feeding other castaways means that all the other aliens of its race come after her. Strong Fantastic Racism in Impure Blood means that the protagonists face this wherever they go, most notably when Dara single-handedly fights a squad of rampaging golems to protect a family, then gets beaten unconscious by the people she had just saved. Which enabled his daughter to finish all the chores needed to earn herself a pet millipede that he's afraid of.

Kind of: in Out-of-Placers , Kass buys a shiny stone for a high price out of pity from a struggling Yinglet small rodents merchant. It promptly turns him into a Yinglet. A female. Though, admittedly, it was safe until he broke it himself Tensaided suffered a case of this in El Goonish Shive when he gives Susan the rest of the day off to deal with a personal issue, only to get swarmed by a hoard of grandparents in complete disagreement as to what constitutes "appropriate content" for their grandchildren.

A good deed is usually fairly safe in this comic, but Tensaided had to go and tempt fate as well. Tensaided : It's Sunday anyhow. Mostly just returns. Web Original. Agent Washington from Red vs. Blue could be a poster child for this trope. He went against his orders to spare Agent South's life After he returns to work, instead of receiving the support he needs to stop The Meta , he gets saddled with bureaucracy and a team full of idiots.

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And after he takes down that military organization and puts a stop to its numerous unsanctioned experiments based on fragmented AIs , he gets slapped with a number of criminal charges for his efforts most notably, 7 counts of destruction of military property. During a training round against Tex, York discovered that his partners Agents Maine and Wyoming has started using lethal force against Texas and attempted to switch sides to help Texas.

This results in Tex calling him out for "abandoning his team" and him getting too close to a grenade thrown by Maine, costing him his left eye.

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The ending of Operation Graveyard counts as this. How does she repay him? By shooting him in the chest and head. But when he sees the ghost drinking and depressed, he puts on his daddy voice and tries to cheer him up by letting him pick what review he'll do next week. Big mistake, as the ghost instantly picks How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Not Always Right features several stories where an employee might be doing a good thing, but end up getting reprimanded by their employers and yelled at by customers, sometimes to the point of losing their job.

In particular this story involves an employee instinctively saving a toddler from running in front of a car, only for the mother to accuse them of child abuse instead of being grateful. In the Whateley Universe , Bladedancer gets visions that she needs to leave Team Kimba and keep a low profile for something in the future. Phase, her roommate, helps. For Phase's good deed, he gets treated by the entire school like a jerkass who fired Bladedancer from the team and then booted her out of the room.

Oh, and Phase gets a supervillain as a replacement roommate just to make things worse. After the day is saved, Princess Celestia arrives on the scene. She doesn't care at all about the barely-averted apocalypse— she only cares about the tea party that Twilight skipped in the process of saving the world. As punishment, Celestia banishes Twilight to Ponyville. This can happen in GoAnimate "Grounded" videos.