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Information on fragrance, color, and surface decoration is also included, along with candles by some of the finest candlemakers in the world. All rights reserved. Product Description.

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BeeKeeping for Dummies, 1st Ed. Caron, Professor of Entomology, University of Delaware ship wt 1 lb. Completely rewritten, revised and enlarged.

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The best reference book on honey bees and beekeeping. Revised First Lessons in Beekeeping An excellent book for those exploring beekeeping.

The candle making basics

Easy-to-read instructions are explicit for seasonal handling and care of the bee colony. One of the original books in "how to" beekeeping for over 75 years.

Start a Candle Making Business - A Craft Business Idea

Ample illustrations and reliable information about wintering, package bees, and honey production. A valuable book for your reference. Kaila Westerman Soapmaking has never been this easy! Whether you want something intoxicatingly fragrant or elegantly sensual, you have hundreds of beautiful, wonderful choices. No harsh detergents No synthetic scents Just all-natural ingredients, handmade quality, and pure pleasure!

Plunge into the luxury of a warm, foaming Champagne bubble bath, or invigorate yourself with a tub filled with Old-fashioned Fizzy Bath Salts.

Candle Craft: How to Make Beautiful Candles

They'll relax your body, soften your skin, and delight your senses. Plus, they're easy to make-you can either start out with an ordinary store-bought bar of white soap or produce your own from scratch. Then add your favorite aromas, natural colorants and soothing herbs, flowers, and more It's easy to learn the basics of how to collect materials and use molds.

The fun really begins as you select your favorite shades and scents, and add natural botanical elements. Did you know, for example, that oatmeal works as a skin exfoliate and softener?

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Or that honey makes a fine moisturizer while clay dries oily skin? Or that rosebuds, peppermint, tea leaves, and cinnamon possess healing properties?

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Imagine the many styles of soap you can create: beauty bars, fun shapes for kids, embedded designs that use tiny bars of soap and jewel-like decorative objects. You can make soaps for special uses like bubbling bath oil, soap on a rope, soap inside a loofah sponge, bath salts, and massage oil.

Candle making Tutorial

See how soap--and soapmaking--benefits your body and mind. If you are making multiple candles at a time use this quantity as a guide and remember you can always melt and add more. Place your empty pouring pot on the digital scales and zero off to make sure your calculations are correct.

Fill your pouring pot with the measured quantity of soy wax and place in the water in your cooking pot. Melt the wax down until it becomes a liquid, stirring occasionally to assist the melting process. Once the wax is melted, place your pouring pot back on the digital scales. Record this weight as you will need to use this quantity to determine how much fragrance to use. Zero off the scales once more. If you would prefer a stronger scented candle then you may wish to experiment with this figure.

'Making candles spares me humanity's greatest indignity: candle shops'

Add your desired quantity of fragrance oil to the pouring pot on the scales. Remove from scales and stir in a figure 8 motion to ensure the fragrance has mixed evenly throughout the liquid wax. Rinse your pouring pot with boiling water. Make sure not to pour this water down the drain as the liquid will contain wax and may clog your drain.

Instead, look for an appropriate spot in the garden to empty the liquid. Wipe your pot with an old towel or paper towel and repeat this process two more times. Cuddle up with a good book, your puppy or your partner and take pleasure in the aroma you have created. Appreciate the ambience you have created when you light your new candle for your yoga or Pilates practice! At EOL, we endeavor to make our classes accessible to everyone in the community, and therefore reduce the price of some of our classes. The only difference between these classes and our full-priced classes, is the price.

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